Wouldn’t it be great if you could give every single employee a professional development coach? Now, with MetaMentor you can!

BRIDGE THE KNOWING/DOING GAP. MetaMentor is a 28-day behavior change program that simulates the experience of being supported by a master coach.  It guides people through the process of firmly establishing an important new work habit, skill, or behavior. MetaMentor bridges the ‘knowing/doing’ gap that undercuts the full benefit of training, feedback, and mentoring programs. Too often new knowledge fails to translate into lasting improvements on the job. What’s missing in professional development programs is a sustained focus on practicing new skills and behaviors.  Only then can they become reliable and like second nature. Without that focus on ‘practice until perfect,’ new insights and commitment to change typically fade in no time.

LEVERAGE THE POWER OF MENTOR PROGRAMS. MetaMentor leverages the power of traditional and peer mentoring relationships by providing the missing element of expert coaching techniques and process. Mentors generally have substantive expertise, but lack the coaching skills needed to support a sustained effort to make the new knowledge a reliable part of the mentees’ ways of operating at work. Now, the focus can be on their strength, which is their content expertise, while MetaMentor provides the coaching expertise and structured experience needed to ensure sustained focus on practicing important new skills and behaviors until they become reliable.

THE METAMENTOR PROCESS.  The 28-day MetaMentor program is fun and easy to follow, and the process is turnkey from start to finish. Mentors and mentees begin by meeting for 30 minutes to review the program, establish ground rules, and choose a professional development issue to focus on. Then, mentees listen to five-minute podcasts at the beginning and end of a total of 28 work days and email their journal notes to their mentors who can then offer advice and support as needed. All that is necessary to work with the program is a set of preloaded mp3 flash drives containing the podcasts and a guidebook with instructions and forms.

RESULTS & BENEFITS. In six weeks’ time mentees will establish lasting new work habits and mentors will gain new coaching insights and skills. In the process, both can experience increased job satisfaction, higher morale, and more of sense of social cohesion and loyalty. Best of all, the organization will finally reap the full reward from its investment in professional development initiatives because MetaMentor ensures that knowledge gained translates into actual improvement in job performance.

METHODOLOGY.  MetaMentor’s morning session focuses, motivates and helps plan the day ahead. The afternoon session reflects on the day’s experience and assesses mentees’ efforts. MetaMentor seamlessly incorporates a wide variety of unique and powerful methodologies including:

  • Journaling
  • Goal Setting
  • Three Forms Of Visualization
  • Tactical Planning For Anticipated Obstacles
  • Two Kinds Of Self-Rating
  • Positive And Negative Outcomes Motivation
  • Daily Planning
  • Self-Coaching
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Mudras
  • A Technique For Overcoming Resistance To Change

The frequent introduction of new methodologies keeps MetaMentor intellectually engaging, thereby holding the interest of participants over the 28 days of practice that are necessary.

GENESIS OF THE PROGRAM. MetaMentor is the brainchild of master executive coach, Tana Pesso. Ms. Pesso is known for her special talent for motivating executives to make lasting and dramatic changes in management behaviors and leadership skills.  Motivating a client to make a commitment to sustaining behavioral change over the long run is a far more complex process than merely identifying the problem, and one which few executive coaches understand or deliver. Ms. Pesso wanted to find a way to incorporate these underlying principles and techniques that she honed over 25 years into a program that could help millions instead of hundreds of people to change their lives for the better.

A COMPLEX METHODOLOGY MADE USER FRIENDLY.  A large part of the power of Ms. Pesso’s work as an executive coach comes from her compassion for her clients. She decided to deliver MetaMentor’s complex methodology as a podcast filled with her warmth and humor. Clients who have used the program say that it feels just  like working with her in person. The power of the methodology, ease of use, and charming delivery made MetaMentor extremely popular on iTunes during free beta testing where it ranked 2nd in the Careers category and 32nd in Business overall out distancing many well-known heavy hitters without any name recognition or marketing effort.


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