Sample Podcast Sessions

Day 1 am ~ Welcome! 

In this session the mentee is introduced to the creator and narrator of MetaMentor, master executive coach, Tana Pesso. They are then guided to create the Change Statement which is the first of the four Key Statements that will be utilized throughout the program. The Change Statement defines the behavior, habit, or skill that the mentee will work on with MetaMentor. The purpose of this session is to clarify the difference between cause and effect or outcome in order to ensure that the Change Statement focuses on a behavior or cause, and not on an effect or end result that is desired. For example, “be more organized or productive” describes the effects or results of a behavior, habit, or skill. The Change Statement should focus on the work habit that would lead to becoming organized and productive. (4:55)


Day 2 am ~ The Carrot

The purpose of this session is to create the first of the two Key Statements that are aimed at increasing the mentee’s motivation to persevere with practicing their new habit through the 28 days necessary to establish a reliable new habit. The mentee will be guided in creating the Outcomes Statement which identifies all the positive outcomes they hope will come about when they master their new habit or skill. Later on, in the course of the program when the reasons for working on establishing the new habit may have begun to fade in the mentee’s mind, MetaMentor will revisit the Outcomes Statement in order to renew the motivation to continue until success is achieved. (5:40)


Day 12 am ~ Moving Right Along

The mentee will run through all the standard elements of the AM session including writing about how they feel at the start of the day and the possible impact on their ability to practice their Change Goal, running through the Mentor Exercise, anticipating times when they might need to use the Trigger Exercise and visualizing using it with ease and success, writing an appropriate coaching message and then whispering it to themself, and lastly writing about their plans to practice their new habit during the day and visualizing doing so successfully and feeling very good about their efforts at the end of the day. In addition, the mentee will learn more theory about why the mind resists change and what can be done to overcome that resistance. To learn more about this read “The 12 Keys To Overcoming The Mind’s Resistance To Change.” (3:45)


Day 16 am ~ Resistance To Change

In this session the mentee learns more on why the mind resists change and about the elements of the MetaMentor program that are designed to overcome that resistance. The mentee then goes through the core elements of the AM session format. (6:51)


Day 20 am ~ Quick Step 1 

This session begins with inspirational quotes by Emerson, Hesiod, and de Chardin. The mentee then runs through the standard AM session elements of noting their emotional state, writing a plan for the day, visualizing the Mentor and Trigger Exercises, and doing the mudras for the Cost of Failure and Outcomes statements. The mentee then reviews their current Habit Reliability rating in comparison with the final rating they hope to achieve and writes a coaching message geared to motivate themself to do whatever is necessary to achieve the desired final habit reliability rating. (4:03)

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