Read Harvard Prof. Mark Moore’s assessment of the power of MetaMentor’s methodology (referred to under its prior name, Bit By Bit):

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Client Experience

“It is a pleasure to convey my review of Tana Pesso’s MetaMentor coaching program.  This program is suitable for anyone seeking to make a change in their behavior. I was introduced to the program as part of a senior management development plan and not only completed the program successfully on a personal level but also was recognized by my boss and many other high level colleagues within the organization.

 ‘The program involves a daily guide to a behavioral change goal that that is carefully defined upfront, tactics to achieve the change, and rewards and consequences of making the change or not.  The on-line blog format is very easy to use from a personal computer or smartphone and requires only a short amount of time per day – on average, I spent around 20 minutes per day with the program itself, whether it was listening to the sound segments involving Tana’s messages that are both provoking and encouraging at the same time, writing my thoughts regarding how well or poorly I exhibited the goal behavior, or asking Tana for feedback around a problem encountered.

 ‘What I most liked were the cerebral tools that Tana described and that I practiced through the program. While the program itself is easy to use and simple at the surface level, the psychology of these tools and associated practices are extremely powerful and effective.

 ‘Since completing the program a couple of months ago, I have already started a second round for new change goal, this time using my iPhone!

‘I highly recommend MetaMentor for anyone who has some motivation to make a behavioral change. It’s a fantastic program.”

Nicole D’Auteuil, Sr. Director, Dyax

“With the confidence I have in Tana’s approach and complete trust in confidentiality, I recommended her to one of my direct reports as a means to develop executive presence and achieve the next level of career development. Tana’s MetaMentor program was not only very well received but incredibly successful in preparing this individual for a visible leadership role, so much so that a significant promotion was earned as a result.”

William E. Pullman, Executive Vice President, Research & Development, Dyax

“MetaMentor gave me habit reinforcement. Every day, I had the incentive, support and accountability it really takes to make a change in life. And the combination of focusing on what that change will do for you plus the pain of what it will do to you not to change is a very powerful motivator. In just 21 days, I not only built a new habit that I wanted into my life, but saw concrete results from it that I had anticipated would take at least 6 months.”

Tiziana C. Dearing, Executive Director, Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Harvard University

“I am amazed at how powerful the MetaMentor Program has been in enabling me to establish a powerful habit change in my lifestyle in just 21 days, which I am now committed to sustaining for the rest of my life. … There is no question in my mind that participating in the MetaMentor Program was a very rewarding experience for me.”

Anne Mathew, Asst. Director, Program on Religion & Public Life
Hauser Center, Harvard University

“Using MetaMentor enabled me to do within 30 days what years of golf lessons, countless driving range sessions and frustrating rounds of golf couldn’t: namely, dropping my handicap by 9 strokes and consistently shooting in the low 90’s! I wholeheartedly recommend B3 to everyone (except my weekly golf playing partners!).”

Brian O’Connell, former VP N. American Channel Sales, Getronics, Inc.

“I believe the MetaMentor program has made a lasting effect on how I approach each working day. By doing the exercise of determining and defining what must get done during the day, and then following through and reporting back at the end of the day is something that most people don’t do (instead they approach each day without structure). MetaMentor is a great program that gently guides you through making a change in behavior and habits. Most importantly, it holds you accountable for making the change and leaves no room for excuses.”

Theo Wedemeyer, Entrepreneur, formerly Sales Dir., Pedestal Software

“Firstly, I would like to thank you for your MetaMentor podcasts. I have been working on self-actualization for some years, and the MetaMentor program has been the most powerful tool I have encountered since Covey’s 30-day proactive challenge in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” The format, the rational and the delivery combine to help somebody like me take a good idea and integrate it into my life. What is more the process is empowering in itself.

I have recommended your programs to my friends. Once again thank you for the MetaMentor Program, you have helped me to take a big leap forward in attaining my life goals. Keep up the good work.”

Brendan M

“First of all – your program ROCKS! Please keep it up, it totally works and I LOVE IT! I hate to say it – but Day 2 AM and PM, although difficult and not fun were without a doubt my favorite because they are the most powerful ones. AND THANK YOU AGAIN for the Podcasts! I am telling everyone I know about it. My husband just started too.”

Debbie L

“Thanks so much for putting your MetaMentor podcast out there. What a simple program for making changes one little step at a time. Believe it or not, the most revelatory podcast for me so far was the second one where you made us go back and revise our goal choosing only one small step that will get us on the way to our larger goal. My long-term goal is to lose some weight by meeting a calorie count. But after that second podcast, I realized I can’t meet a calorie count if I’m not regularly keeping track. So, my first habit to establish is keeping a food journal everyday (after lunch, after dinner and before bed).

I’ve had so much success establishing this first simple step as a very reliable habit that it’s given me confidence that I can make the next step as well (perhaps that will be eating fruits and veggies or drinking enough water).

Anyway, thanks for doing what you’re doing! It’s been a big help.”
Sarah H.

“My favorite podcast for the free choice on Day 23 is Day 7 A.M. Check-in. I really enjoyed hearing about the mentor visualization again. My mentor is someone special and hearing the podcast reinforced my experience. I have really been impressed by you program and am accomplishing so much.”

Joan K

“Hi Tana, I just wanted to thank you so, so much for having this program available for me. I am on day 23 and doing great!!! I can’t express my gratitude enough.

But anyway, my favorite AM session would be the day you started the inspirational sayings. I didn’t have any one particular favorite pm session. What I found while listening to all of them was that they gave me more motivation and positive feedback. I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment and I’ve been trying to do this for some time (without much success).

So I just want to thank you so much for everything!!!! I will continue to use the program to better my health. Lots of Aloha”

“I am so grateful for your podcast. I have tried everything to achieve change over the way I handle my anger. I am on day 14 of your podcast. You asked what words describe my attitude towards the program and the words that come tumbling out are: excitement, hope, gratitude,and anticipation. Boredom has not been a problem, in fact I frequently spend more days than the one stipulated as I really want to grasp each concept.

The trigger exercise has been life changing for me. I really had no skills and the twice daily accountability makes so much sense. I have in fact listened to the whole lot a couple of times but I am only doing one day at a time. I love the words of encouragement as well especially the one on patience. I need to learn patience with myself. “

“Hello, I have been doing your MetaMentor program, and it’s changing my life. Thank you so much for making that available. Thank you again for this program.”

“Dear Tana, I am just emailing you to give you a quick feedback on the 28 days program.

It was amazingly awesome! Me, who has never done a daily routine for longer than three days or a week tops, stuck with the entire thing for 28 days. Even on evenings when I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I still did the evening check-in. So, that’s a huge testimony to the power of the program.

It is a fantastic program. I’m thinking about going back on it and repeating the whole thing just to keep the routine going.”

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